Learning Connections Conference

What is the Learning Connections Conference?

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The Learning Connections Conference celebrates its 11th anniversary on May 28th and 29th, 2019!

Engage. Learn. Celebrate. This year’s conference celebrates personal/professional growth and highlights the importance of our connections with one another. Staff, faculty, and administration—full-time and part-time—will come together on Kingston campus for two days of workshops, keynote speakers, panel discussions, great food, and employee awards as we celebrate the new Strategic Plan 2019-24.

Join us!

Your Keynote Speakers

Paul Zikopoulos

Author, Speaker & Vice President Big Data Cognitive Systems, IBM

Paul is an award-winning professional writer and speaker who has been consulted on the topic of Big Data by the popular TV show “60 Minutes,” advises various universities on their graduate analytics programs, and named to over a dozen global “Experts to Follow” lists in social media. You’ll also find Paul taking a very active role around Women in Technology (including a seated board member for Women 2.0 …. who he became involved with after his tweet was mentioned on “The View” TV show), LGBT+ workplace inclusivity, and Coding for Veterans. Paul’s written 19 books and 360+ articles during the 23 years he’s been focused on data; he doesn’t think NoSQL is something you put on a resume if you don’t have SQL skills and he knows JSON is a technology … not a person in his department.

Silken Laumann

Olympic Hero, Author, & Mental Health Advocate

Four-time Olympian Silken Laumann is one of Canada’s most inspirational leaders, a bestselling author, and a highly recognizable and beloved athlete. As an elite athlete, writer, and life coach, Silken has made her work reaching her own potential and helping others reach theirs. Inspiring, funny, thought-provoking and always down to earth, Silken opens her heart and leaves her audience ready to unlock their own potential and aspire to their own greatness. What prevails in Silken is the human spirit, the humour to keep learning through the failures, the courage to see opportunities within obstacles, and the tenacity to never stop trying to be better.

Conference Essentials

Step 1: Register for LCC

Participants will be required to register for the event by selecting a ticket in EventBrite. You are required to complete this step only once at the start of the registration process.

Get your ticket by REGISTERING (link) for the conference.

Step 2: Build your Schedule

After you receive your Eventbrite ticket, you will be sent to the SCHED event page where you can customize your attendance by selecting specific sessions. We understand that participants might not be able to attend all sessions but we invite everyone to select the sessions that they are available to attend on either day so that we can collect accurate registration information

Make sure to bookmark the event page on SCHED (link) to return to this page later on.

Note: Individuals who are traveling from Cornwall or Brockville campus are asked to register for the “Bus” sessions so we can collect accurate numbers for travel.

Step 3: Review/Download your Schedule

Participants can revisit the SCHED website (link in step 2) at anytime after they receive their ticket. We recommend everyone bookmark this page so they can review their schedule before the event.

Need Help?
The SCHED website includes a variety of “How to” guides to help users sign up for an event, personalize their schedule, create profiles, and print/download the conference schedule. These guides can be reviewed by visiting the following resources.

Attendee Guides (link) review the functionality of SCHED to customize your experience and don’t forget to download your schedule on your phone or in outlook.

EventBrite Tickets (link) – learn how to use EventBrite and start your SCHED account using these guides.

Speaker Tools (link) – these resources will help presenters get setup in SCHED by showing how to upload their materials for participants.

If you have any general questions about registration or need help, please contact Katherine Onstein at Konstein@sl.on.ca or extension 3125.

Day 1 – Schedule (Tuesday May 28, 2019)

The schedule for Day one includes the following activities. Please make sure to log into SCHED for more details.

6:30am            Bus departs Cornwall to Kingston

7:45am            Bus departs Brockville to Kingston

9:00am            Registration Opens + Networking

9:30am            Conference Opening & Keynote

10:45am          Break

11:00am          Concurrent Session A – 60mins

12:00pm         Lunch (buffet line lunch)

1:00pm            Concurrent Session B – 45mins

1:45pm            Break

2:00pm            Employee Awards & Celebrating our Past (StratPlan 2014-19)

4:00pm            Break

4:15pm            Bus departs Kingston for Brockville/Cornwall

Day 2 – Schedule (Wednesday May 29, 2019)

The schedule for Day two includes the following activities. Please make sure to log into SCHED for more details.

6:30am            Bus departs Cornwall to Kingston

7:45am            Bus departs Brockville to Kingston

8:30am            Registration Opens + Networking

9:00am            Keynote & Celebrating Our Future (StratPlan 2019-24)

11:00am          Break

11:15am          Concurrent Session C – 60mins

12:15am          Lunch

1:15pm            Concurrent Session D – 60mins

2:15pm            Break

2:30pm            Concurrent Session E – 45mins

3:15pm            Break

3:30pm            Bus departs Kingston for Brockville/Cornwall 

Bus Schedule

Complimentary transportation by bus to/from the Cornwall and Brockville campuses is provided by the college. To minimize costs, we ask that all employees consider the bus as their primary mode of transportation. All other modes of transportation must be approved by an employee’s departmental manager and covered by the department’s budget.

Day one: Tuesday, May 28
6:15 am Boarding @ SLC Cornwall
6:30 am Depart Cornwall SLC
7:45 am Depart Brockville SLC  
8:45 am Arrive Kingston SLC

4:15 pm Depart Kingston
5:15 pm Drop off @ SLC Brockville
6:30 pm Drop off @ SLC Cornwall
Day two: Wednesday, May 29
6:15 am Boarding @ SLC Cornwall
6:30 am Depart Cornwall SLC
7:45 am Depart Brockville SLC
8:45 am Arrive Kingston SLC

3:30 pm Depart Kingston
4:30 pm Drop off @ SLC Brockville
5:30 pm Drop off @ SLC Cornwall

Note: Parking permits can be purchased onsite for employees who have been approved to travel with their own vehicle by their manager.


Out of town guests staying overnight will be housed in residence rooms. Guests can check in and pick up their keys after 2:00 pm at the reception desk in residence. Check out time is 11:00 am the following day. Accommodations will be separated into two areas; please specify upon registration if you would prefer your reservation on the quiet or social floor. Please notify Katherine Onstein (konstein@sl.on.ca) should you require accommodations prior to May 29th.

Special Note: For those staying overnight in Kingston, please submit an expense report with original itemized receipts to Julie Johnston (jjohnston@sl.on.ca), SCTL, Brockville Campus. Expense form does NOT require one-over-one approval. Reimbursement will be paid on actual amount spent to a maximum of $20.00, excluding alcohol.

Campus Information

This year’s conference will be hosted on the Kingston campus.

St. Lawrence College
100 Portsmouth Avenue
Kingston, Ontario
K7L 5A6
Phone: 613-544-5400

Download Kingston Map (PDF)

Participants are welcome to download a copy of the updated 2018-19 campus map (see above). The event will also have signage onsite to direct participants to their individual sessions.

College Achievement Awards

The College has six awards to honour its outstanding achievers who have made a positive impact within the College and/or College community and are deserving of extra recognition.

Academic Excellence Award

Service Excellence Award

Service Excellence Award (SLC Student Employees)

Award of Merit

Innovation Award

Leadership Excellence Award

The criteria for each award is outlined in the Employee Recognition policy and recipients will be determined by a Selection Committee. To learn more about these awards and the selection process visit the College Achievement Awards page on SLC.ME or contact Ashleigh McKeil (Manager of Employee Development, HROD) at 613-544-5400 ext. 1842 or amckeil@sl.on.ca.

Volunteer as a “SLC Connector” for LCC2019

The Learning Connections Conference offers a chance for SLC staff to network with their colleagues from their own campus, other campuses and inside/outside of their department. In order to ensure conference attendees get the most of out of this opportunity, we are looking to match SLC employees who are more familiar with the College and its people with employees that may not yet be. Please respond to the link below if you are either:

a) willing to be a SLC Connector or

b) would like to be matched with a SLC Connector who can show you the ropes and introduce you to your fellow colleagues!

To volunteer please fill out this FORM (link) or contact Ashleigh McKeil (Manager of Employee Development, HROD) at 613-544-5400 ext. 1842 or amckeil@sl.on.ca.

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff, faculty, and administration—full-time and part-time—whether your contract is current has just finished, is current, or will start soon. EVERYONE is welcome to attend.

NOTE: Student employees at St. Lawrence College are invited to register and attend our two keynote speaker events at the start of each day of the conference as well as the meals that will be provided each day. However, in order to facilitate free and open discussions, and to allow full engagement in the concurrent workshops, attendance is restricted to full- and part-time faculty, support staff and administrative staff.

Join us for just a workshop or all of the conference. We hope that you enjoy your experience.

The LCC is a casual conference so wear something comfortable. We recommend participants bring active wear and sneakers if they are planning on attending active sessions (e.g., yoga, cricket, etc).

The Learning Connections Conference is a FREE and travel/accommodation is provided by the college for those traveling from Brockville or Cornwall campus. Please make sure to register so that we can reserve a spot on the bus and in residence.

Planning Committee

The LCC Planning Committee is composed of Tri-Campus team members from the School of Contemporary Teaching & Learning (SCTL), representatives from Human Resources & Organizational Development (HROD), and two campus representatives from Brockville/Cornwall.

Special thanks to:
Strategic Planning Team - Janet Greer, Stewart Clark, Julie Einarson, Kelly Treptow, & Elaine Armstrong
SCTL Multimedia Service Leads - Rebecca Murphy & Andrea Seepersad
ITS - Jeff MacDonald, Jeff Hoekstra, & Leo Ashley
Event Management Team - Laura Dimic, Amelia Campbell, & Richard Hogan
Brown's Services - Chef Gary Appleton, Linda Noble, and the entire Brown's Cafeteria team
HROD Student Employees

Brian Benn
Brian Benn

Associate Director, Organizational Development, HROD

Julie Johnston
Julie Johnston

Administrative & Academic Support Officer, SCTL

Ashleigh McKeil
Ashleigh McKeil

Manager, Employee Development, HROD

Katherine Onstein

DistanceEd Clerk, SCTL

André Léger

Associate Dean, SCTL

Joanne Rankin

Research Analyst, Strategic Corporate Planning (Brockville)

Christina Decarie
Christina Decarie

Tri-Campus Faculty Coach & Professor, SCTL/Business

melissa kutz
Melissa Kutz

Executive Assistance, Sr VP Student Services & Human Resources, HROD

Gina Kerr

Tri-Campus Faculty Coach & Professor, SCTL/Business

Shirley Chaisson
Shirley Chaisson

Indigenous Student Advisor, Student Services (Cornwall)

Have a Question?

Please contact Katherine Onstein at 613-345-0660 extension 3125 or konstein@sl.on.ca.

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